Our mission

ex capsa is a blog born out of the need for a platform that gives voice to innovative and deep-thought opinions from young people. We aim at providing a safe space for anyone with a desire to share their opinion while guaranteeing that all our articles resemble factual evidence and reasoning. Our diverse team of brilliant Political Writers and Financial Analysts consists of students and young professionals from various countries who unite under a shared interest for current affairs. The blog is self-funded and has no affiliations, political or otherwise.

ex capsa

We do not say that a man who takes no interest in politics is a man who minds his own business. We say he has no business being here at all. ” – Pericles

A Message from the Chairman


ex capsa (out of the box) was born out of the need for a platform that gives voice to innovative and deep-thought political opinions. We live in an era where the dangers of misinformation, populism and demagoguery are once again gaining an accepted platform. We are evermore forced to rely on large media corporations to express ourselves and it is increasingly hard to guarantee quality or truthfulness in what we read. This blog is intended to become a reference for high quality, indepedent political journalism in this period of world history.

ex capsa is a place for free, open, transparent but above all, factual and reflected discussion. It is a platform with no political ties or interests, affiliated with no company or organisation and where high journalistic standards function as the prevailing norm.

The blog provides a stage for distinctive and original opinion pieces written by a diverse community of young students, commenting on all political events – from those that spark interest and discussion all around the globe to those that often receive little attention, but that may shape our perceptions and the way we live our lives.


Diogo Quirino Monteiro

Diogo Quirino Monteiro

Founder & Chairman