Is Trumpism over?

After a rollercoaster four years in office followed by a controversial election defeat one might assume a 74-year-old Donald Trump would retire, taking his grievances with him. Ash Howlett does not quite see it like this. With increasing support from former staff, retention in grass roots support and freshmen Trumpites taking congressional office – Trump is here to stay.

How do we manage free speech?

While free speech allows ideas to flourish and individual to express themselves freely, has social media, opinion reporting and political tribalism enabled wild and nonsensical conspiracy theories to proliferate the US? Ash Howell believes independent regulators, improvements in education and a process of healing between warring factions must take place to ensure individuals are able to cut through the noise and make independent judgements based on facts. Without this, events like the January 6th insurrection may be replicated in the future.

Why Joe Biden isn’t the answer for progressives

Is Joe Biden the answer for progressives? After a turbulent four years many are viewing Biden with rose-tinted spectacles. However, by analysing Biden’s lengthy career in politics we can begin to make predictions about the next four years, and it doesn’t look good. A chequered past on social issues, empty promises on the environment, a mouthpiece for big business and not to mention sexual misconduct allegations; Biden isn’t the answer.