Should Bolsonaro’s COVID Policy Be Seen as a Form of Class Warfare?

“Bolsonaro’s deliberate attempt to achieve herd immunity disproportionately affected Brazil’s poor and vulnerable”. With Brazil’s Covid-19 death tally second only to the United States, it is worth questioning what went so wrong and why. In this article, Evan argues that the failure of President Bolsonaro’s pandemic response can be attributed to his own extreme political beliefs – at the expense of the most vulnerable in society.

How has the pandemic hindered the legalization of abortion in Argentina

With the political landscape being dominated by COVID-19, globally we have seen previously pressing issues being relegated to the ‘political backburner’. Evan Lewis examines how the pandemic has affected the movement for legalizing abortion in Argentina. He looks at how attitudes in this majority Catholic country are slowly changing and asks, with the increase of domestic violence as a result of the Virus and subsequent lockdown, whether this change will be too late for many.

Is Trump Justified in Banning TikTok?

Is Trump justified in banning Tiktok? The author argues that while Tiktok ‘does represent an expansion of Chinese ‘self-censorship’ reaching into the United States’, the move is ‘more rooted in Trump’s anti-China rhetoric than in substantiated national security concerns’. Consequently, ‘it is difficult to argue that this justifies the extensive action taken by the president’.

‘Love in the time of COVID’ – How Nicaragua is attempting to hide the virus rather than treat it

In Nicaragua, ‘express burials’ where the fallen victims of COVID-19 are buried as soon as possible, often in the middle of the night, with no filming allowed and only a small number of family members able to attend, are common practice as part of President Daniel Ortega’s bid to downplay the severity of the virus. The author explores the situation in one of Central America’s worst performing economies and whether the handling of the COVID crisis could be a catalyst for widespread political change in the country.