What could trigger the never-ending adjustment of grip?

Political institutions often delegate authority to regulatory bodies to reap the benefits of their expertise. Yet, this delegation comes with challenges of its own. In this article Kirill discusses two modes of action that politicians can pursue when dealing with regulatory bureaucracies, arguing that balancing regulatory discretion with accountability could “trigger the never-ending adjustment of grips”

Is majority rule democratic?

How democratic is majority rule? In this article, Kirill explores the advantages and disadvantages of this form of decision rule, arguing that it could be substituted by consociationalism – all through the prism of Perceval’s quest for the Holy Grail.

Gordon Medusa of Central Europe

The Hungarian right-wing party Fidesz is known for its populist rhetoric and policies which are being echoed within Hungarian society, initiating a domino-effect of spreading cultural grievances and opposition to the liberal values that constitute the founding pillars of European integration.