We didn’t consent to murder: how the ‘rough sex defence’ authorised violence against women

The rough sex defence – ‘Despite the continuing movement surrounding women’s sexual liberation, and the increasing awareness and acceptance of different sexual practices, abuse against women is still a prevalent issue’. In this article, the author suggests that the fact that ‘the tabloids plastered Grace Millaine’s (a British backpacker murdered in Auckland in 2018) sexual preferences over their headlines throughout her trial, attempting to ruin her reputation and integrity’ is indicative of a society that somewhat blames female victims of consensual violence during sex for their deaths, and that changes in social attitudes in addition to legislative progress is needed.

Why the British justice system continues to fail black women

Just how severe is the issue of misogynoir, misogyny directed towards black women where gender and race both are part of the bias, in the British justice system? The author promotes that ‘The lack of attention focused towards black women’s struggle has normalised violence towards them which undoubtedly influences the minds of those responsible for helping them’.