Gordon Medusa of Central Europe

The Hungarian right-wing party Fidesz is known for its populist rhetoric and policies which are being echoed within Hungarian society, initiating a domino-effect of spreading cultural grievances and opposition to the liberal values that constitute the founding pillars of European integration.

How US influence contributed to a modern Haitian uprising

February 2021 saw a fresh political crisis for the nation of Haiti as local strongman Jovenel Moïse arrested a fresh batch of opposition figures, claiming they were undertaking a coup against his administration. What followed after was to be the usual for the Haitian masses as they gathered once more to oppose the hegemonic rule of Moïse. To Sam Glasper, the shooting of two journalists on February 9th in addition to the continuing battles between the masses and the armed might of the intuitions reflect not only the frustration at the rule of the corrupt Moïse but also the American influence within the country.

How do we manage free speech?

While free speech allows ideas to flourish and individual to express themselves freely, has social media, opinion reporting and political tribalism enabled wild and nonsensical conspiracy theories to proliferate the US? Ash Howell believes independent regulators, improvements in education and a process of healing between warring factions must take place to ensure individuals are able to cut through the noise and make independent judgements based on facts. Without this, events like the January 6th insurrection may be replicated in the future.

Are Binary Politics Constructive?

Are binary politics still appropriate or even relevant? Obioma explores the extent to which our current political systems are representative of the diversity of opinion present in society and how this affects our views of one another. In her words ‘It is not only easy, but rational, to continue to allow our lives to be ruled by the structures that we are indoctrinated in, but I implore you to take on the personal cost of letting your thoughts and beliefs exist outside of them’.