Biden’s tax reform: entering an era of economic multilateralism

The race to the bottom presents a failure of our current economic system. In this article, Weronika argues that Biden’s proposal of a corporate tax increase is an inevitable building block necessary for lessening public distrust of major global companies and financing Biden’s bold infrastructure plan. Not only will such a proposal mitigate the impact of tax avoidance among Big Tech economies that has created an unfair economic system in the US, by creating millions of jobs and propelling racial equity, it has the potential to lift the U.S. out of the depths of its devastating COVID-19 economic crisis.

In The Shadow, A Dream: How 250 Million Workers Came To Strike In India

Whilst farmers fight cops in Delhi, tit-for-tat killings between the right and the left escalate in Kerala and Maoists stage an insurgency in Chhattisgarh. Sam Glasper suggests an intensified prolonged class struggle looks likely to grip India as millions go out on strike against the pro-corporate polices of the government. “A long history of class struggle encapsulates the Indian workers movement and its momentum is sure to become a problem for BJP Prime Minister, Narendra Modi”.

Money, Money, Money: The EU at a breaking point

Amidst a ranging pandemic and looming economic downturn, the EU has designed a much-needed recovery package as part of its 2021 budget. However, conflict over rule of law led to a crisis in which Hungary and Poland vetoed the budget. Capucine explores the ominous underlying question that this crisis reflects and that the EU will eventually have to face: how to manage contrasting understandings of democracy within the union, when it is itself built upon the unifying concept of liberal democracy and the rule of law?

4th of August 2020: a turning point for the Land of Cedars?

‘In the blink of an eye, the Lebanese were snatched from their relatively normal lives and reminded of the fragility of their country’. In this article, the author suggests that after the August 4th Beirut explosions, the country has reached a political turning point. ’Not only did the tragedy confirm the government’s contempt for its people but it also revealed the Lebanese solidarity and their eagerness to fight for a legitimate and modern democratic system’.