Is the UN Security Council fit for purpose?

Is the United Nations Security Council fit for purpose? After 70 years of an ever-changing world order, the five main constituents which dominate the Security Council have gradually exposed their inability to maintain international stability and have lost their reputation as “global policemen”. With outdated benefits such as the veto motion obstructing efforts towards alleviating conflict, Henna Moussavi questions the legitimacy of the five core members and their intentions with regards to the Security Council’s mission statement.

Money, Money, Money: The EU at a breaking point

Amidst a ranging pandemic and looming economic downturn, the EU has designed a much-needed recovery package as part of its 2021 budget. However, conflict over rule of law led to a crisis in which Hungary and Poland vetoed the budget. Capucine explores the ominous underlying question that this crisis reflects and that the EU will eventually have to face: how to manage contrasting understandings of democracy within the union, when it is itself built upon the unifying concept of liberal democracy and the rule of law?

Delhi’s Diminishing Dominance: Has India finally lost its strategic clout to China in Nepal?

Does the changing dynamic of the Indo-Nepali relationship cast doubt over India’s influence within South Asia? Neelanjana highlights that while Delhi’s influence remains intact within Kathmandu, by continuing in its attitude towards its smaller neighbour it is committing geo-political hara-kiri given Beijing’s looming presence in the Indian subcontinent.

The Whole World is Watching – The International Reaction to the US Election

As the US presidential race draws to a close, the author examines the global fascination with the conclusion of the election. With virtually all countries having a great deal of practical interest resting on the outcome of the election, some governments have heaped praise on the victor, Joe Biden, while from others the result has prompted mockery. Nevertheless, he highlights that the high level of interest in the outcome of the race demonstrates the US’s continued importance on the world stage.

The Hong Kong Protests – Why?

In June 2019, two record-breaking sized protests gripped the streets of Hong Kong over the reading of the extradition bill. Why did this bill trigger an unprecedented response from the public? The author argues that ‘people in Hong Kong see their protected freedoms of speech, assembly and press, as well as the rule of law, being eroded. While tensions were escalated using petrol bombs, lasers, metal weapons, and tear gas, he argues that the true factor intensifying the protests is ‘the continual struggle for a more competitive and responsive government’ within the one country two systems framework.