The Spread of Misinformation Reveals Existing Fears and the Polarisation of Society

The extensive spread of misinformation during the pandemic caused chaos, revealing the failure of social media companies to curb the spread of false content. In this article Sharon argues that the nature of algorithms, in addition to cognitive biases that are influenced by social inequalities and xenophobic attitudes, have exacerbated the impact of misinformation. She concludes that addressing the challenge of misinformation “begins with building strong foundations for a secure society

Justice and Carbon: Why the rich should cut their emissions

Does climate change affect us all equally? Isaac highlights how ‘whilst all of us will be affected, the global poor will suffer the most due to climate change. Rich countries ought to cut their emissions not just in the name of self-preservation, but in the name of justice for the global poor.’ Put simply, he believes that whether or not the wealthy should cut their emissions is not a question of self-preservation or charity to the developing world, but a question of justice.