Is majority rule democratic?

How democratic is majority rule? In this article, Kirill explores the advantages and disadvantages of this form of decision rule, arguing that it could be substituted by consociationalism – all through the prism of Perceval’s quest for the Holy Grail.

Xi the Perpetual Dictator: What does this mean for the West?

With Xi Jinping’s growing grip on absolute power in China, the country seems to be transitioning from a one-party authoritarian state to a personal dictatorship, firmly under Xi’s thumb. This may sound like splitting hairs, but the ramifications are crucial. In this article Matthew demonstrates how Xi’s grip on absolute, and perpetual, power will affect the West, looking at three major sticking points: The Climate Emergency, the stability of Sino-Western relations, and the Taiwan question.

The ‘American Dream’ vs. The ‘American Reality’: The Fight for Civil Rights – Immigrants

The last piece of this three-part series focuses on the mistreatment and detainment of immigrants in the United States. The ‘American Dream’ is founded on principles of providing opportunities for a better lifestyle, yet under the Trump administration, tens of thousands of migrants are detained and mistreated by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

Party, Plenums, and Perpetuity

“Xi now has authority over the past, present and future of the Party, the state and everyone within”
For a long time, it has been no secret that Xi Jinping’s power within China is largely unrivalled. This article shows this power as being gained through Xi’s gradual expanse of control over party and state institutions, popular policies, and ideological authority through so-called ‘Xi Jinping Thought’. However, the recent ‘historical resolution’ issued in the Central Committee’s Sixth Plenum adds a new dimension to Xi’s power: perpetuity.

Gordon Medusa of Central Europe

The Hungarian right-wing party Fidesz is known for its populist rhetoric and policies which are being echoed within Hungarian society, initiating a domino-effect of spreading cultural grievances and opposition to the liberal values that constitute the founding pillars of European integration.