Is the UN Security Council fit for purpose?

Is the United Nations Security Council fit for purpose? After 70 years of an ever-changing world order, the five main constituents which dominate the Security Council have gradually exposed their inability to maintain international stability and have lost their reputation as “global policemen”. With outdated benefits such as the veto motion obstructing efforts towards alleviating conflict, Henna Moussavi questions the legitimacy of the five core members and their intentions with regards to the Security Council’s mission statement.

Biden’s tax reform: entering an era of economic multilateralism

The race to the bottom presents a failure of our current economic system. In this article, Weronika argues that Biden’s proposal of a corporate tax increase is an inevitable building block necessary for lessening public distrust of major global companies and financing Biden’s bold infrastructure plan. Not only will such a proposal mitigate the impact of tax avoidance among Big Tech economies that has created an unfair economic system in the US, by creating millions of jobs and propelling racial equity, it has the potential to lift the U.S. out of the depths of its devastating COVID-19 economic crisis.

Is Trumpism over?

After a rollercoaster four years in office followed by a controversial election defeat one might assume a 74-year-old Donald Trump would retire, taking his grievances with him. Ash Howlett does not quite see it like this. With increasing support from former staff, retention in grass roots support and freshmen Trumpites taking congressional office – Trump is here to stay.