Ukraine: How Russia’s Raucous Resurgence Is Becoming Increasingly Ruthless and Reckless

The recent events in Ukraine have shattered the security architecture of Europe, as the world watches Russia defy all warnings from the West concerning the sovereignty of its smaller neighbour. In this article, Matthew argues that despite the shocking nature of Putin’s attack, it has not come out of nowhere: the invasion is “the latest chapter in Russia’s increasingly ruthless and reckless raucous resurgence

The Spread of Misinformation Reveals Existing Fears and the Polarisation of Society

The extensive spread of misinformation during the pandemic caused chaos, revealing the failure of social media companies to curb the spread of false content. In this article Sharon argues that the nature of algorithms, in addition to cognitive biases that are influenced by social inequalities and xenophobic attitudes, have exacerbated the impact of misinformation. She concludes that addressing the challenge of misinformation “begins with building strong foundations for a secure society

Should Bolsonaro’s COVID Policy Be Seen as a Form of Class Warfare?

“Bolsonaro’s deliberate attempt to achieve herd immunity disproportionately affected Brazil’s poor and vulnerable”. With Brazil’s Covid-19 death tally second only to the United States, it is worth questioning what went so wrong and why. In this article, Evan argues that the failure of President Bolsonaro’s pandemic response can be attributed to his own extreme political beliefs – at the expense of the most vulnerable in society.

The ‘American Dream’ vs. The ‘American Reality’: The Fight for Civil Rights – Immigrants

The last piece of this three-part series focuses on the mistreatment and detainment of immigrants in the United States. The ‘American Dream’ is founded on principles of providing opportunities for a better lifestyle, yet under the Trump administration, tens of thousands of migrants are detained and mistreated by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

Gordon Medusa of Central Europe

The Hungarian right-wing party Fidesz is known for its populist rhetoric and policies which are being echoed within Hungarian society, initiating a domino-effect of spreading cultural grievances and opposition to the liberal values that constitute the founding pillars of European integration.