Act Like A Man: Deconstructing Political Gender Biases

The US elections last year may have marked a historic moment for women in politics with Kamala Harris becoming the first woman to be elected vice president, but to Niamh the fight for gender equality in higher office is far from over. She argues that gender biases and leadership stereotypes continue to disadvantage women as “societal constructions of what it means to be ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ set the stage for political inequality”.

From potty idea to political reality: the Overton Window is broken.

Is there a narrow realm of political possibility that politicians must ensure their policies fit within for them to ensure electoral success? According to the author, ‘With ever-growing internet access, more and more people are exposing themselves to previously inaccessible information and under-represented points of view’. As a result, ‘the window of political possibility is forced wider and wider, until it becomes a redundant, gaping hole in the wall through which any policy can reasonably pass’.