4th of August 2020: a turning point for the Land of Cedars?

‘In the blink of an eye, the Lebanese were snatched from their relatively normal lives and reminded of the fragility of their country’. In this article, the author suggests that after the August 4th Beirut explosions, the country has reached a political turning point. ’Not only did the tragedy confirm the government’s contempt for its people but it also revealed the Lebanese solidarity and their eagerness to fight for a legitimate and modern democratic system’.

Domestic abuse increases in UK lockdown: How is the government responding?

While lockdown was enforced by the British government in an attempt to keep the public safe, for many staying at home has exposed them to a much greater threat to their safety. The author explores the truth behind the staggering rise in domestic abuse cases in the UK since lockdown began and reminds us how this is an issue that should not be overlooked even in the midst of a pandemic.