Money, Money, Money: The EU at a breaking point

Amidst a ranging pandemic and looming economic downturn, the EU has designed a much-needed recovery package as part of its 2021 budget. However, conflict over rule of law led to a crisis in which Hungary and Poland vetoed the budget. Capucine explores the ominous underlying question that this crisis reflects and that the EU will eventually have to face: how to manage contrasting understandings of democracy within the union, when it is itself built upon the unifying concept of liberal democracy and the rule of law?

The resurgent threat of a “no-deal Brexit” and its dire consequences

While the COVID-19 pandemic may have dominated media coverage and political discussion in recent months, the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU remains a prevalent issue that needs addressing. The author discusses how a no-deal Brexit would impact the UK, arguing that the government ‘should do all they can to ensure they meet the October 31st deadline – or beg for an extension’.

Smoke and Mirrors – the reality behind the Israel-UAE peace deal

Is the Israel-UAE peace deal effective in delivering its name? The author suggests that despite its promise, in reality the deal ‘holds no weight’. Labelling it a ‘political sham’, he accuses Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of being more interested in scoring ‘cheap political points with which he can lengthen his political career, akin to his political counterpart in the US’.

Analysis: the “R***** Report”

With the ‘Russia Report’ finally being released on Tuesday July 21st, to the author it is apparent that the escalation of tensions between Russia and the UK ‘is already well underway – indeed, it has been for more than a decade’. With Putin’s goal being ’the fostering of division and chaos in the West’, swift government action may be essential for national security.