Why Joe Biden isn’t the answer for progressives

Is Joe Biden the answer for progressives? After a turbulent four years many are viewing Biden with rose-tinted spectacles. However, by analysing Biden’s lengthy career in politics we can begin to make predictions about the next four years, and it doesn’t look good. A chequered past on social issues, empty promises on the environment, a mouthpiece for big business and not to mention sexual misconduct allegations; Biden isn’t the answer.

The Whole World is Watching – The International Reaction to the US Election

As the US presidential race draws to a close, the author examines the global fascination with the conclusion of the election. With virtually all countries having a great deal of practical interest resting on the outcome of the election, some governments have heaped praise on the victor, Joe Biden, while from others the result has prompted mockery. Nevertheless, he highlights that the high level of interest in the outcome of the race demonstrates the US’s continued importance on the world stage.