How long will it be before we see a woman in the top job?

How much longer will we have to wait to see a woman finally reach the Oval Office? While Kamala Harris has broken new ground in the fight for women’s equality by becoming the first female Vice President-elect, Amelia Brennan argues that “in order to address the perpetual dominance of men at the top tier of US politics, we have to address the inequalities embedded within US society as a whole.”

Is Trump Justified in Banning TikTok?

Is Trump justified in banning Tiktok? The author argues that while Tiktok ‘does represent an expansion of Chinese ‘self-censorship’ reaching into the United States’, the move is ‘more rooted in Trump’s anti-China rhetoric than in substantiated national security concerns’. Consequently, ‘it is difficult to argue that this justifies the extensive action taken by the president’.

The canon for justice: radical feminism

How can we deconstruct problematic social structures in modern society? To the author the answer is that it lies in restructuring our education systems. Here she argues that ‘elevating radical feminism from the position of subjugated knowledge will enable a new intellectual hierarchy to infiltrate society and inform our politics’.