Reimagining domestic violence policy: an abolitionist feminist approach

To the author, “this [the UK] government’s policy on domestic violence amounts to a legislative smokescreen”. How can we overcome this? She argues in favour of the ‘abolitionist feminist approach’ which proposes that ‘we move beyond an oppressive carceral structure and look to create a structure that empowers those who would be victims of violence to escape abusive situations before violence takes place.

Why the British justice system continues to fail black women

Just how severe is the issue of misogynoir, misogyny directed towards black women where gender and race both are part of the bias, in the British justice system? The author promotes that ‘The lack of attention focused towards black women’s struggle has normalised violence towards them which undoubtedly influences the minds of those responsible for helping them’.

The ‘American Dream’ vs. The ‘American Reality’: The Fight for Civil Rights – Black Lives Matter

Are we living in the era of the ‘American Dream’, or is the ‘American Reality’ much uglier? The first article of this three part series explores how a history of biased legislation has contributed to institutionalised and inherent racism in American society. This article explores the legalities behind the emancipation of slaves that have come to shape the current Black Lives Movement in the US.