How justice in a pandemic could disproportionately affect the BAME community

In his second legal piece, the author notes that ‘the inconvenience of a nationwide lockdown is just the latest chapter in a long saga of misfortune that the criminal justice system has endured’. With the idea of ‘juryless trials’ being floated to speed up the delivery of justice in over 500,000 cases, he highlights how ‘the experiences of a predominantly white judiciary differ greatly from the BAME community’, and why the proposal ultimately causes more problems than it solves.

The ‘American Dream’ vs. The ‘American Reality’: The Fight for Civil Rights – The LGBTQ+ Community

In her second piece covering the ’The American Dream vs The American Reality’, the author explores the continued fight the US LGBTQ+ community face for basic rights and equal treatment. In spite of the progress made under the Obama administration, in her words ‘Trump’s transphobic, homophobic and sexist views manifest through legally binding actions to disadvantage LGBTQ+ individuals, contradicting the sense of equality declared through the American Dream ethos’.