The Whole World is Watching – The International Reaction to the US Election

As the US presidential race draws to a close, the author examines the global fascination with the conclusion of the election. With virtually all countries having a great deal of practical interest resting on the outcome of the election, some governments have heaped praise on the victor, Joe Biden, while from others the result has prompted mockery. Nevertheless, he highlights that the high level of interest in the outcome of the race demonstrates the US’s continued importance on the world stage.

Climate change and environmental racism are burning the West Coast

As the West Coast of the United States continues to burn, the author argues ‘it is imperative for the US government to admit that what has been done up until now, as far as environmental campaigns are concerned, is not enough’. Upon such an admission, she suggests a change in the approach being taken by the government – “finding new, clean and technological solutions to climate change will not be enough if one does not strive for a total reconfiguration of power dynamics and colonial relations”.

From potty idea to political reality: the Overton Window is broken.

Is there a narrow realm of political possibility that politicians must ensure their policies fit within for them to ensure electoral success? According to the author, ‘With ever-growing internet access, more and more people are exposing themselves to previously inaccessible information and under-represented points of view’. As a result, ‘the window of political possibility is forced wider and wider, until it becomes a redundant, gaping hole in the wall through which any policy can reasonably pass’.